Tailor your perfect trip to Nepal…

Specialising in bespoke trips from sea level to the highest points of the world. All our trips are tailored to suit your interests, whether that be as an individual, group, business or school.

With 15 years of experience welcoming guests to the land of wonders, our small eco-travel company, Bespoke Nepal, does all the work to make your dreams of adventure come alive.

Trekking in Remote Corners of Nepal

Go off the beaten track, on a fully tented expedition.

Rafting Adventures

Nepal is the heartland of the Himalayas and this provides for one of the best white water experiences in the world with numerous rivers flowing from snow fed waters from the east to the west of the country.

Creative Retreats

Take out 7-30 days of time and go on retreat in Nepal! Nurture your creative side in the world’s most ecologically, culturally, linguistically, geographically and spiritually diverse country!

Yoga trips

Nepal is the yogic centre of the world. Udaya and Grace are both qualified yoga teachers by the Pashupatinath school of yoga. If you want an expertly designed spiritual adventure then look no further.

Motorbike Rides in Nepal and Tibet

The world’s adventure playground, check out Ride Nepal for more details on our motorcycle tours.

Stay in Kathmandu Valley

Legend tells us of a lake that once covered the valley floor where many lotus flowers grew. It was during the Pleistocene era. A holy saint had come walking the hills near Kathmandu valley, Manjushree saw a beautiful lotus flower floating in the center of the lake, boundless admiration started to grow in his heart, and the idea to make a human settlement here was born. He then cut the Chobar Hill and turned it into a deep gorge, letting the lake water drain out, leaving a fertile valley for human settlement. Home to countless temples, stupas, idols and Monasteries, Kathmandu Valley is full of sacred sites and living traditions.

School Trips

Do something extraordinary, visit Nepal!

Medical Electives

Whether its a Medical Elective you’re after or experience in Nursing, Dentistry, Midwifery, Physiotherapy, Occupational therapy, Pharmacy or Radiography, we can organise everything for you. From picking you up at the airport, your accommodation, transport to your place of work, outside the workplace activities, a cook to take care of all your meals and the provision of  valuable hands on experience in a captivating country such as Nepal.Alongside your time spent in your chosen department we can organise outside the workplace activities like trekking to remote villages in the Himalayas and visiting local health clinics in remote areas.

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