Creative Retreats

Explore your creative field in Nepal


Let us take you on retreat! Whether that be into the wilderness in the foothills of the Himalayas or down into the jungle villages of the Terai.

  • A getaway can include your own cook to take care of all your meals and make sure your time is spent how you want.
  • Guides can be arranged to take you around and help act as translator.
  • Transportation can be organised, where you can travel by private vehicle, local bus or on your own motorcycle! …and of course to and from the airport.

Learn about Nepali Handicrafts, metallurgy, architecture, pottery and woodcrafts from local Craftsmen and women.


Observe your choice of craft for 1 day, 10 days or 30 days…

  • Get hands on with a new skill
  • Receive expert advice given in English
  • Arranged accommodation near your placement
  • All Airport transfers included
  • All meals included

Take a week watching your choice of craftsman in action, and learn new skills yourself.

Get in touch for more details, whether you’re a student, professional or enthusiast, we can arrange a placement for you at your field of interest in and around Kathmandu.