Bespoke Nepal work with experienced rafting guides in Nepal who know the rivers there better than anyone else could. The guides are local and have grown up swimming and rafting in these great Himalayan rivers.

Nepal is the heartland of the Himalayas and this provides for one of the best white water experiences in the world with numerous rivers flowing from snow fed waters from the east to the west of the country.

Bespoke Nepal can arrange unique multi-activity trips, combining rafting with trekking, or motorcycling or whatever it is that gets your heart pumping!

You can ask us to design your trip with what you have in mind whether it is a beginners level paddlers day out or an expert level challenging expedition. We can also arrange canoes which you can use on your own if you are an experienced canoeist.

The rafting can be done from a very exciting one day one hour rafting trip higher up the rivers or ten day trips lazing down the river and relaxing in the sun. The longer trips will have tent sites along the shore where you will camp for the night and relax before setting off on the raft the next morning.

Email: grace@bespoke-nepal.co.uk