Far West Nepal

The Far West was closed off for tourists for many years during a troubled period in Nepal as the country endured the Maoist Insurgency. It has recently re-opened and is truly still one of the very few untouched corners of this Earth. The civilisation that inhabits this part has been there for thousands of years. There are trails that we follow which are the same trails that many have walked between Nepal and Tibet for trading for hundreds of years. The far west is also home to two of the most beautiful lakes in Nepal, Lake Rara and Lake Phoksundo. With many species of flora and fauna including the elusive snow leopard.

There are no roads leading in to this part of Nepal, which is a main reason for why it is so special.

The best time to visit Far West is in the Spring or Autumn.

Example Itineraries:

Lake Rara

Lake Phoksundo